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It’s going to be a little while longer before international travel opens back up. That just means you have more time to research and plan your next trip, so we thought we’d share some our our favorite Paris resources!

Excellent restaurants and bars are the top thing we love about Paris, and we can not wait until they are back open again. Our first stop for food and drink recommendations in Paris is Paris by Mouth. It’s an insider’s guide run by expats that writes up its own reviews and aggregates reviews from other top food bloggers. It’s not aiming to be comprehensive, it’s aiming to be curated. They also run great food and wine tours.

Our second restaurant resource is Le Fooding. The French have an (annoying) habit of using -ing words as nouns: un footing = a run; un parking = a parking garage; and our personal pet-peeve, un wedding = wedding planner (and these are just a few examples)… Once you get past the terrible name, Le Fooding is a good complement to Paris by Mouth. Le Fooding is available in both French and English, and offers a French perspective on restaurants as well as hotels in Paris and throughout France.

TheFork is our third and final recommendation for food-related research. TheFork exists as both a website and app, and similar to OpenTable, it allows you to reserve online. The main advantages are that it avoids the awkwardness of calling up a restaurant and not being sure if they speak English, and some restaurants offer special discounts when you reserve via the app.

Now that we’ve covered food for the body, let’s move on to food for the soul. Paris is the cultural center of France, so whatever your preference (theater, museums, galleries), you’re bound to find your bonheur. Time Out Paris and ParisInfo are two of our favorite Paris resources we look to for inspiration on fun things to do.

And if your trip is to mark a special occasion, such as a wedding anniversary or milestone birthday, we’d love to help you plan a special evening! Get in touch and let’s chat about your plans!